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Drill Bit Finder

How do you know which drill bit is suitable for what material? Here at Performacut we have provided this useful tool to quickly drill down to a selection of drills suitable for drilling the chosen material. Once the list is generated, click on each recommended drill bit for further information. To understand the different features of a drill bit and what those properties are important for, please go to the Drill Knowhow page.

Steel Non Alloy (Low Carbon Mild Steel 0.04% to 0.30%) ISO P
Non Alloy Steel (Medium Carbon 0.31% to 0.60%) ISO P
Alloy Steel (up to 31HRC 1000N/mm2)
Alloy Steel (From 31HRC to 44HRC 1400N/mm2)
Alloy Steel (44HRC to 49HRC 1600N/mm2)
Alloy Steel (44HRC to 49HRC 1600N/mm2)
Stainless Steel (Soft Austenitic) ISO M
Stainless Steel (Hard Ferritic) ISO M
Plastic (Soft)
Plastic (Hard)
Copper & Copper Alloys
Brass and Bronze (Soft)
Cast Iron (Soft) ISO K
Cast Iron (Hard) ISO K
Aluminium (Soft Si<2%) ISO N
Aluminium (Hard Si 2-10%) ISO N
Titanium and Super Alloys ISO S