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Performacut sets a precedent in Performance Cutting Tools. Bringing together global innovators in cutting tool technology. Providing solutions for the UK motorsport, aerospace and automotive sectors.

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PERFORMACUT | Performance Cutting Tools

Performacut Ltd is a UK supplier of Performance Cutting Tools for advanced and demanding industries. Bringing together some of the World’s most prestigious cutting tool brands associated with the highest quality in drill bit technology. The Performacut range of brands provide fantastic hole making solutions as standard. All our drill bits are manufactured to deliver the right results every time, from HSS, to a broad range of standard carbide drills, Performacut is built around providing the right solution. Special cutting tools can also be manufactured to drawing or specification, including National Aerospace Standards.

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What are the best twist drills for stainless steel? 14/05/2021

In this article we look at what drill characteristics are best for drilling stainless steels. What is the best way to drill stainless steel? And what are the best drill bits to use? First, we will take a quick look at stainless steel itself.